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Welcome To The Chamois

At The Chamois Car Wash, we are Canada’s leading car care experts! 

Locally owned and operated, The Chamois has been providing the citizens of Winnipeg with a superior quality car wash, at a great value since 1998.  Having grown to 3 locations in Winnipeg, we are proud to say that within about 15 minutes of entering our building we will have your car vacuumed, windows cleaned, dash and console wiped, and the exterior of your vehicle washed and dried.

Using state of the art technology and equipment, Earth Ready soaps and waxes,

Our Mission:

The Chamois strives to be the model for car wash excellence worldwide.  We have the highest quality and safety standards.  Our team works relentlessly to meet YOUR quality expectations.  Our professional look, attitude, and superior customer service is what sets us apart.


manitobasml.gif The Chamois planted it's roots in Winnipeg Manitoba aftering realizing the need for a high-quality car wash. There is no better place than Manitoba that represents the needs for a full-service car wash that The Chamois provides. Living in Winnipeg can sometimes prove to be a harsh place for an automobile.

During the winter months your car will continually be exposed to freezing temperatures and mounds of salt. If left unwashed the salt will begin to rust your car. In the summer your car will be exposed to hot temperatures with scorching sun rays, and little shade to protect your cars paint. These sun rays will destroy clear coats and discolour your cars paint colour. Your car needs to be continually waxed to provide a protective armour against these harsh rays.


The Chamois has five levels of car washes to meet your needs. For more information on these wash packages please visit the Wash Services page

vip.gif Check out our VIP Program where you can collect points towards future washes and services.

Need the perfect gift?  We have it!


Use The Chamois price quote calculator to see how much it will cost you to clean your entire vehicle inside and out.


Print out the options you would like and bring in your custom tailored package on your next visit to The Chamois; this will decrease your waiting time, and ensure you get exactly what you want.

Want to join our great team? Check out The Chamois employment page to download an application form.

850 Waverley Street (204) 775-9700


Hours for all locations
Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sundays: 9am - 5pm

Statutory Holidays: Closed

85 Reenders Drive (204) 669-9700

1285 St. James St (204) 777-9700






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