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#3 Bronze Wash

  • Exterior ultra-soft touch wash

  • Vacuum interior areas

  • Interior glass cleaned

  • Dash and console wiped


Interior and exterior: $19.99
Exterior with hand wipe: $14.99
Exterior only: $9.99

Add Lustra Shine for only $3.00

Add a carpet mat shampoo to ANY wash for only $5.00 per row.


#2 Silver Wash

Includes Bronze Wash, plus:

  • Clear coat treatment

  • Under chassis bath

  • Super sealer treatment

  • Rust inhibitor


Interior and exterior: $22.59
Exterior with hand wipe: $17.59
Exterior only: $12.59

Add Lustra Shine for only $2.50


#1 Gold Wash

Our Most Popular Wash!

Includes Silver Wash, plus:

  • Tire dressing

  • Rainbow triple coat treatment

  • Free 24-hour rewash*

  • Your choice of Wonder Wafers Air Freshener – clean car, cherry, lemon, vanilla, leather, pina colada


Interior and exterior: $24.99
Exterior with hand wipe: $19.99
Exterior only: $14.98

Add Lustra Shine for only $2.00

*Same vehicle, extra dirty charges may apply. No dealers.*

SORRY - We cannot be held responsible for aftermarket accessories (including window tinting, bug deflectors, block heater cords), loose or worn parts, loose paint and antennas that are not retracted. Previously damaged and defective parts will not be repaired.

All prices are plus taxes and extra dirty charges may apply.

Can Your Vehicle Be Cleaned at the Chamois?

At the Chamois, we work hard to ensure the safety of you, your vehicle and our Team! We provide the best in washing technology and practices to ensure that your vehicle comes out clean, shiny, and dry; all while giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will not be harmed.

Although we would love to wash every vehicle, there are some that we cannot.

Wash Restrictions

  • Vehicle height over 7ft 3 inches

  • Vehicle width over 70” from inside driver tire to outside passenger tire

  • Trucks with dual rear wheels (dually)

  • Vehicle tire width larger than 355mm (14”)

  • Vehicles with ground clearance lower than 4.5”

  • Vehicles with large roof racks (aftermarket)

  • Vehicles with cargo carriers (roof or hitch mounted)

  • Vehicles with bike racks

The Chamois Car Wash and Detail Centre cannot be held responsible for damage which may occur and caution against going through if your vehicle has any of the following:

  • Aftermarket accessories (including window tint and bug deflectors)

  • Parts which are loose, worn, corroded, or previously damaged

  • Power antennas

  • Previously chipped or cracked paint

Summer Wash Tips

  • Bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap will harm paint finishes; wash off ASAP

  • Use a clear coat protectant to protect against UV rays

  • Use a tire dressing to protect against UV rays and tires drying and cracking

  • Wash on a regular basis and use a wheel brightener to prevent brake dust damage to wheels

  • Wax or polish paint regularly to remove oxidization and maintain a premium finish

Cold Weather Washing Tips

Washing your vehicle in the winter can lead to a few little problems. Problems such as the locks freezing, door seals freezing shut, gas caps freezing closed and even fogged up windows. We do our best to help avoid these troubles by blowing our locks and wiping door jams but we cannot do everything.

  • Wash when your vehicle is warm on the inside

  • Work doors, locks, gas cap, and trunk a few times after parking

  • Keep lock de-icer on you, not in your car

  • Avoid setting emergency brake immediately after washing, it may freeze

  • Leave your doors on the “first latch” setting for a few minutes after washing OR open all doors; this will allow for your doors to “freeze open”

Environmental Commitment

At the Chamois Car Was hand Detail Centre, we don’t just work hard to get your vehicle clean; we work hard to protect the environment for future generations. We are proud to use only Earth Ready® soaps and protectants on your vehicle.

All 3 Chamois locations have their Earth Ready® products professionally dispensed and monitored by:

robinson lustra


In addition to using Earth Ready® products, we have reduced the waste generated by switching to ultra-concentrated soaps and protectants that are delivered in smaller, more environmentally friendly containers which generate less waste.

Saving fresh water is imperative. Do you know that a driveway car wash uses 302 litres (80 gallons) to 529 litres (140 gallons) of water and leaches harmful chemicals into the storm sewers, which then drain into our rivers and lakes?

A professional car wash like the Chamois uses less than 246 litres (65 gallons) of fresh water and directs all water to treatment plants. Our computerized equipment measures each vehicle and uses only the amount of water necessary to clean your vehicle properly.


In partnership with Recycle Everywhere, the Chamois is proud to support recycling in our community! Watch for Recycle Everywhere recycling bins at all of our locations. These bins are provided for your convenience so that you can help us recycle items which would otherwise end up in a landfill.


From engine detailing to carpet shampooing, we do it all.


Learn about every step in our car washing process.

Winnipeg’s Car Wash Specialists!

Since 1998, the Chamois Car Wash and Detail Centre has earned a reputation as a full-service car wash and detailing company with an unmatched commitment to CUSTOMER satisfaction. If you’re looking for a car wash in Winnipeg, bring your vehicle down to the region’s largest provider of automotive washing and detailing services. We are currently offering some fantastic and affordable packages ranging from basic cleaning services to our comprehensive Platinum package. At Chamois Car Wash and Detail Centre, we are fully committed to providing our services in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Not only do our washes use substantially less water than a driveway wash, but we also use Earth Ready® products which are non-toxic and safe for the ozone layer and our lakes and streams!

At the Chamois, our wash services include popular choices plus custom wash options and detailing services. Browse this page to learn more about our wash packages, restrictions and our environmental commitment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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