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Find Answers to Our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Wash Services

We welcome you to browse this page to find some answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding our washing services. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Washed?

To maintain your vehicle in the best possible condition, we recommend a full-service wash once every 30 - 45 days and exterior washes as needed.

How Soon Should I Wash Bugs and Bird Droppings Off?

IMMEDIATELY! Bug residue and bird droppings form acids that eat away at the surfaced of your paint. As little as ONE DAY in hot weather with direct sun can cause damage. Depending on how bad the damage is, we may be able to reverse it with a Chamois Shine.

Do You Do Only the Inside?

No, we do not. Our locations are designed to process full-service and exterior-only washes. Therefore we are unable to offer this service.

Will My Doors Freeze in the Winter? How Can I Prevent This?

Due to the nature of winter washing, there is always an inherent risk that water may freeze and cause doors, trunks, and gas caps to freeze shut. To help prevent this, see our winter washing tips.

How Long Do Your Wash Services Take?

Exterior wash services take between 5 - 10 minutes. Full-service wash services take between 15-20 minutes.

I Hear That Car Wash “Brushes” Will Cause Damage to My Vehicle and That Hand Washing Is Better. Is This True?

No! At the Chamois, we use a close-celled material much similar to neoprene foam, which cannot retain any type of debris. Our equipment is always under constant soap and water rinse to clean and lubricate as your vehicle moves by! Studies by the University of Texas and the Technical University of Munich (in association with Mercedes-Benz) have shown that hand washing is most often the cause of severe paint damage as too little water and soap is used!

Can I Drop My Vehicle Off and Leave It?

For wash services, we recommend that you wait for your vehicle and pick it up immediately.

Are There Vehicles You Cannot Wash?

Please see our Wash Restrictions.

Should I Remove My Antenna?

We ask that all power antennas are lowered fully and it is the CUSTOMER'S responsibility to do so. On all fixed antennas, it is a personal choice if you should wish to remove them. Any antenna flags or antenna toppers MUST be removed.

Can I Make an Appointment?

Yes! Appointments can be made for our detailing services. Please call the location you wish to visit to book an appointment. Drive ups always welcome, subject to availability. All full-service and exterior washes are first come, first serve.

Should I Remove My Extension Cord?

YES! Extension cords should never be allowed to hang from your block heater cord! Not only would the wash remove your cord, but it could potentially cause damage to your vehicle!

We also recommend that block heater plugs be tucked into the engine bay when not in use to avoid paint damage on the hood and fender.


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