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Welcome to the Chamois Car Wash!


  1. The very first step is to pull up to the front canopy. Our friendly greeter will help you select the car wash that suits your needs!
  2. You will receive a menu sheet to bring up to our cashier and car wash tags to hang in your vehicle. You may proceed to the entrance doors.
  3. Indicator lights on top of the bays will let you know what bays are open.
  4. When the garage door opens, your car wash attendant will wave you in.


Exit behind the vehicles, make sure you take your children’s hands and have your dog on a leash.


  1. Now we begin the vacuuming process. We remove all vinyl and carpet mats. We clean the door jambs and plastic kick plates.
  2. We vacuum your door pulls and pockets. We vacuum your seats from top to bottom and of course we vacuum your carpeted areas. 
  3. We vacuum hatches. If you own a car and would like us to vacuum your trunk, fully open it up when you enter the wash.
  4. Carpet mats are cleaned through our rug beaters. Rubber mats are pressure washed.

Pressure Washing

  1. Vehicles are then loaded onto our conveyor car wash by fully-trained Team Members.
  2. Our pressure washing Team cleans the exterior of your vehicle. Only pre-cleaned vehicles travel through our equipment to ensure we have a scratch free facility.
  3. Front ends, side mirrors, mouldings, chrome, and rear ends get hand mitted.

Our Tunnels

Once your vehicle has been prepped, it travels through our state-of-the-art car wash equipment. Using industry leading soaps, protectants and polishes, your vehicle is treated to the highest quality wash.

  • A SILVER or GOLD wash receives the underbody wash, rust inhibitor, and clear coat treatment.
  • The GOLD also offers a triple coat paint treatment.
  • LUSTRA SHIELD is applied upon request.
  • Your vehicle is then rinsed clean using fresh water and drying agents.
  • Your vehicle is then air dried by multiple blowers.


While all this is happening, all you have to do is relax, enjoy a complimentary coffee, or shop in our unique lobby. There is plenty of seating, many food and beverage options, as well as items you may not expect at a car wash!


In our finishing end, we complete the interior cleaning of your vehicle, including your windows, dash, centre console, vinyl, including door panels, ledges, and cup holders.

Wipe Down

  1. Compressed air is used to blow out your mirrors, mouldings, door handles and locks.
  2. Clean towels are used to wipe your vehicle, top to bottom.
  3. Door jams, door frames and plastic kick plates are wiped.
  4. Tire shine is applied to all GOLD washes. Rims are wiped clean.

Final Quality Check

After the interior is cleaned and the exterior wiped our very last step is to do a final quality check by a car checker.

  1. Watch for the ready light to flash and have your vehicle ready to be pulled outside.
  2. Meet our car checker outside and present them with the claim that you received at our cashier.
  3. We hope that you are 100% satisfied with the service you received. If you see anything that is not up to your expectations, please let us know so we can address it immediately.

We appreciate your business and hope you enjoyed your Chamois experience!


From engine detailing to carpet shampooing, we do it all.


Find out more about our competitively priced wash packages.

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